A&r Agreement

You enter into contracts with artists on your own behalf. For this purpose, you may use Record Union`s trademarks on business cards reproduced from the layout provided by Record Union. The layout of the business card is provided by Record Union in PDF format. You may only use them for the purposes set out in this Agreement. [We just received this telecommuting award and we`re still digesting it ourselves. We know this is an important decision for our members, so we wanted everyone to know right away. There will be further news about this as we have implemented the Agreement] You may not enter into agreements on behalf of Record Union in any way and you may not present yourself in any way or at any time as a representative of Record Union. Each of the Contracting Parties shall remain independent of each other. Nothing in this Agreement constitutes an agency, employment, business or joint venture relationship of any kind between the parties.

Record Union has entered into licensing agreements with Retail Service Partners. The purpose of this is to distribute the artist`s recordings and to provide all services related to distribution, including but not limited to delivery and sale for download and streaming. The agreements that Record Union enters into with Retail Services determine the terms and conditions under which the artist`s recordings are sold or made available. With which Retail Services Record Union has agreements may vary from time to time. Therefore, Record Union cannot guarantee the sale and/or operation of recordings in any particular retail store and assumes no responsibility if your artist`s recordings are not made available in a particular retail department. This Agreement, together with the Exchange Agreement, the Tax Claims Agreement and the Registration Rights Agreement, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement and supersedes all prior agreements or understandings between them with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement (including the Third A&R Operating Agreement) and may not be modified or supplemented in any manner other than as set forth herein. become. Even though we believe that our contract provides that topStepPayments will be paid on time in January 2022, the state does not seem to agree and will probably not pay them until we have completed our successor agreement.

We have already filed the complaint about this. At the time of its entry into force, the A&R enterprise contract is the limited liability partnership agreement of the surviving company. It`s a HUGE red flag. Contracts are everything in the industry and anyone who works without a clearly written contract that dictates the scope and duration of work is bad news. A contract is the only way to protect yourself legally. It`s crucial for you, the artist, to have a contract to protect your assets, time, and money, but it`s also important for the other person. Those who don`t want a contract don`t have much experience, don`t have much to protect, or don`t take their job seriously. If your agreement is ambiguous or «verbal» and you enter into a conflict, you do not have a written agreement to refer to, which could lead to unnecessary grief. Under no circumstances do you start working with someone without a signed contract, even if they are someone you know. «Gross Receipts» means the total amount, exclusive of VAT, that Record Union receives per record sold.

We are entitled to benefit from all deductions made by retail services at Record Union. Percentage refers to Record Union`s percentage, whether expressed or calculated in its sublicense agreements with Record Union Retail Partners. . Catherine Shepherd-DCF won the 65″ TV for guessing the 301 ornaments on the Christmas treeCatherine Leaper-DSS won the breakfast basketKaren Rozum-DOT won the Comfort BasketLisa Burgio-DMV won the wine basketCarole Levesque-DRS won the Italian basketLisa Lewis-DCP won the lottery frameSilvia Saenz-DRS won the men`s basketBarbara Giansanti- DOC won the Wine Chiller Record Union offers you a share of gross income royalty for each artist you recruit. The percentage of royalties you can earn depends on your total number of artists recruited. Only artists who have published recordings count towards the amount of royalty shares. The following applies to all services under this Agreement. A&R representatives take note of new talent in a variety of ways, from attending concerts by trendy bands to listening to demos submitted to their company`s A&R department. The most important aspect of getting your music heard by D&R representatives is the same as all facets of the music industry – make your name known! Representatives will not watch a concert of someone they have never heard of, they rely on the contacts they have to let them know which artist is causing a stir themselves.

If an artist already independently brings fans to shows and sells records, A&R representatives will see this as a good sign that the artist can make money for his label. Finally, it should be noted that the requirements of the BDP must be met by December 31. There is room to become compliant before being removed from HEP, but be sure to schedule all necessary appointments and anyone with a «chronic condition» who does not meet their requirements by 12/31/21 is not eligible to collect the $100 payment. In addition to live shows, new artists can also bring their music to the ears of A&R representatives by submitting demos. While major labels do not accept unsolicited demos and rely on recommendations from trusted industry contacts, many other labels will. Research is the key factor here. First, gather a list of labels that have artists whose reach is similar to your musical vision. Then, read the demo submission guidelines carefully.

Usually found on the label website, the instructions are often very clear and you need to follow them closely. Deviations can cause the person on the label to receive submissions without listening to your demo. Finally, follow the label. Give them a month or two to receive and (hopefully) listen to your demo, then send an email follow-up. While you don`t want to be boring, after the follow-up, you can remember your name and be the item that notices you among the stacks of other submissions. The terms and conditions are in accordance with the laws and jurisdiction of Sweden. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be decided by the Stockholm Court of First Instance. «Email Invitation Tool» means an invitation service provided by Record Union on the Site where you may send invitations to recipients. PL Time: One last reminder that your personal vacation time 2021 will be the 31st. December expires, it`s «use it or lose it». Make sure you use your PL time before the end of the year, otherwise it will expire.

«Services» means all services offered by Record Union to artists who have registered on the Website. If an artist does not use the unique code that Record Union provided to you when registering on the Record Union website, you are not entitled to royalties from the artist. These terms and conditions apply to the use of the website www.recordunion.com (the «Website»), including the use of the content, information, products and/or services. The terms and conditions also apply to all services provided individually under this contract. . How can someone know if they want to work with you if they`ve never heard you before? Even though people in the company try to mitigate the risk as much as possible, there is always a risk at the end of the day when a manager, agent or label accepts a new client. There is nothing certain, and word of mouth is not enough for a legitimate businessman to make an investment. Just as you should do your homework on the managers, agents, and potential labels that await you, they should do their homework on you. You do not have the right to acquire any ownership rights in Record Union`s trademarks. All such rights remain the property of Record Union. While there is no clear method to get your music heard by A&R representatives, the best way to build yourself independently is to make your name known, not only to your fans, but also to those who have contacts in the music industry who can share information about the new artist Buzz – you. Record Union provides artists, but not limited to, digital distribution services in digital music stores for sale via download, streaming and others.

Record Union also offers the artist the opportunity to promote themselves and their music on the website. . Annex A to the A&R Agreement is replaced in its entirety by Annex A to this amendment. We will ensure at all times that the Website and its services are available to you. If the service is interrupted, Record Union will immediately correct the interruptions. We reserve the right to suspend access to the Site at any time and without notice for reasons of security, upgrades, updates and necessary maintenance of the software or hardware to the extent necessary to correct any errors. By using this website, you agree to security monitoring and auditing. For security reasons and to ensure that the public service remains accessible to users, this government computer system uses network traffic monitoring programs to identify unauthorized attempts, upload or modify information, or otherwise cause damage, including attempts to deny service to users. .